Its Not What You Know Or Who You Know, But Who Knows You
In 1998, We Launched Our Unique Style Of Business Network
We Develop Chapters To Reflect Individual & Community Needs
Networking Is An Easy & Valuable Investment In Your Business
Summer Solstice Soirée en Blanc, is another great fundraiser
Members Collaborate, Support, Mentor, Refer & Much More
In 2010 We Launched Our Non Profit To Help Families In Need
Funds Raised Are Used To Give A Helping Hand Up To Those In Need
TRBN™ is a locally owned, founded in British Columbia, membership based business network for business professionals with common goals and interests and a desire to give back to the local community, representing their various professions. We promote buying local, supporting small and medium business in our communities, and offering a helping hand up to families in need through various non profit programs within the communities we network in. Participants exchange ideas, information, advice, introductions or referrals, they may find opportunities that they would not otherwise have been aware of, discover great connections for procuring, support mutual goals, and perform business and financial transactions. TRBN is the place to ENGAGE your BUSINESS, make a real difference to Community and experience Business success beyond simple referral exchanges.