In November TRBN Chapters prepare to sponsor families through Christmas
Build your sphere of influence in person.  The most effective way to increase your sphere of influence is to participate in that sphere, in person.  Face to face networks are the most effective ways to develop and build strong, lasting business relationships.
is a collection of local teams which consist of individuals representing various businesses with common goals and interests and a desire to give back to the local community, is mutually beneficial for the collaborating parties, and can achieve joint results that the companies may not be able to achieve individually.

Participants may exchange ideas, information, advice, introductions or referrals, they may find opportunities that they would not otherwise have been aware of, discover great connections for procuring, support mutual goals, and perform business and financial transactions. TRBN is the place to ENGAGE your BUSINESS, make a real difference to Community and experience Business success beyond simple referral exchanges.
TRBN has been supporting non profit societies and charities since we launched in 1998.  In 2010 we started sponsoring Families in need within the communities we network in by way of Community groups and local Christmas Bureaus.  The first year was such a success that we found the need to create a society and began hosting fundraising events.  To receive our Newsletter about upcoming events, register here: TGS Constant Contact Sign-Up.

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We are a business network, not a simple referral network. TRBN encourages the community mindset, we encourage mixing and mingling with other Chapters within our Business Network, we encourage a sharing and giving mindset. TRBN is the place to be when you grow weary of High Pressure, Micro Managed, Forced Referral or Referral for profit Networking Groups.

Simple Referral Networks focus their attention on receiving "Referrals", we "Think" of "Referrals" as a result of who we prove ourselves to be and how we "Show Up" as members. Successful members carry themselves in a manner that encourages like minded associates to want to exchange connections or other beneficial business building interactions or collaborations. Belonging to TRBN is about building, not expecting, referrals are never forced.

Our member mandate is to develop relationships, we build trust, we build a reputation along with credibility and we do this in various ways starting with showing our level of commitment to our fellow members and our Chapter. Once successful in showing up as a trustworthy, reliable and dedicated individual, we are rewarded with long term relationships and business success. Expecting referrals simply by joining will lead to disappointment. Joining the team without regularly attending and contributing will also lead to disappointing results.
Building relationships within our Business Community with like minded business professionals develops long lasting and mutually beneficial, result driven  partnerships. Do you have the drive and desire to expand your Sphere of Influence without added stress or pressure? Start by visiting a local Chapter to experience "Our Way". Membership and Renewals are by INVITATION ONLY ensuring we maintain the highest standards. CONTACT US NOW TO ARRANGE AN INTRODUCTION.