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What's in it for me?
What's in it for you is directly related to your contribution to your Chapter. Our Members are true believers in GIVING before...Click for more
Who can join?
The qualifications are simple: You must be a legitimate business, you must be willing to participate in Building Business...Click for more
What is Thinkreferrals Business Network?
TRBN is a collection of local Business Chapters which consist of individuals representing various businesses with common goals...Click for more
Can a member belong to more than one Chapter
Yes there are special conditions that would allow certain individuals to belong to a second Chapter. Attendance in both chapters...Click for more
Where and when do meetings take place?
We normally meet in Restaurants, Cafe's, ounges or Pubs which have a sectioned off area where at the very least, we can expect...Click for more
How do I apply for membership in a Chapter?
Applying for membership is simple. Your first step is to attend a meeting at the chapter you wish to join. Once you decide the...Click for more
I already know a lot of people. Why network?
Business Networks take it to the next level and help you build your business and increase your profits by receiving more business...Click for more
I'm new in business. What can this do for me?
If you have a good business and work ethic and you understand the work involved in Business Networks, Thinkreferrals can be the...Click for more
I have a pretty common service. Will Thinkreferrals do me any good?
More than you might think. The majority of successful small businesses get their business through referrals when they start out...Click for more
I have a pretty specialized service. Can Thinkreferrals help me?
Without question. Thinkreferrals gives you a chance to have your specialized business become better known, and to pick up the...Click for more
Won't traditional marketing methods be just as good?
Traditional marketing is necessary for filling gaps in business, and is definitely a good boost when done right. Thinkreferrals...Click for more
How do I know I'll get any referrals after referring to other people?
For the most part we do not spend our time worrying about individual members in chapters passing referrals, we tend to look at...Click for more
What professions get the most from networking?
It is more a question of the individual than the profession in most cases, the person who works at developing the business...Click for more
I have more business than I can handle now, why network?
Maintaining a fully active network helps to ensure that you continue to enjoy the full schedule, and also helps to make sure that...Click for more
What kind of business increase are we talking about?
Business increase depends, of course, on how busy you are now, how seriously you take the networking process when you become a...Click for more
Why only one person from each profession?
This practice ensures that each person gets the maximum benefit from their membership. There is also the factor of avoiding...Click for more
What business categories are the most common?
Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Financial Planners, IT Consultants, Computer Hardware Suppliers, Insurance Brokers as well...Click for more
How can a person attend as a guest?
Usually you are invited by a member or find out about us on our website or Social Media. If you are interested but don't know any...Click for more
Are visitors expected to speak in front of the whole group?
Absolutely. This is not a chore but an opportunity to tell the group about yourself and your business, as well as how they can...Click for more
Why does Thinkreferrals not focus on referrals like the other networks do?
Focusing on referrals and forcing a certain number of leads to be passed per week, invites the 'desperation referral' these...Click for more
What if someone joins and does shoddy work?
It does happen on rare occasions and we do what we can to help rectify the situation. When such an event occurs, the groups will...Click for more
Do members have to bring guests?
Absolutely. Members are part of the Team and continued support is considered the responsibility of everyone involved. Visitors do...Click for more
Does Thinkreferrals have referral related contests?
Not as an organization but some chapters do create games and competitions with various conditions, sometimes involving passing...Click for more
My Business is based on Multi Level or Direct Marketing, can I join?
Yes, we do require a product or service represented by knowledgeable people as the primary focus of any promotions within our...Click for more
Why do we not pass referrals during our weekly meetings?
Referrals are far too important to leave them for just that one day a week. It should be known that referrals passed daily will...Click for more

These FAQ pages were designed as a guide only and may not be current at all times. Please feel free to contact us through our contact link if you have further questions or concerns.