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I am the President and Volunteer Executive Director of the Burns Bog Conservation Society.
I can help you reduce your carbon footprint by doing good. Burns Bog is the world's only estuarine raised peat bog found in a Mediterranean climate. It is located in Delta and everytime you go down Highway 99 or Highway 91 to the Alex Fraser Bridge you drive through Burns Bog. It is the largest carbon sink next to a major city in Canada and possibly North America. Peat Bogs are fascinating places once you get to know about them. They store carbon for "geological ages", filter water to nearby rivers and lakes. They are Mother Nature's history books because of their anerobic and acidic conditions they preserve bodies, wood and even "butter." Peat bogs store 3 times as much carbon as tropical rainforests and produce more carbon than they use. Muskeg, a Cree word for bogs, in the North is being looked at as a possible soluntion for global warming. The Society gives field trips, summer day camps , builds boardwalks in the Delta Nature Reserve for community use, and holds several events to fund our programs. Our long-term goals include building an interpretive centre and an endowment fund to use the interest for funding our projects. It is only the last 30 years that we have begun to understand the role of peat bogs in the environment.
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